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Custom Mascots

We can transform your logo into a 3-dimensional Costume Mascot

Our versatile manufacturing system allows us to easily transform your logo or drawing into a 3-dimensional costume mascot.

Utilizing our extensive mold selection we can apply numerous shape altering techniques to create or modify a costume character idea. Therefore, in most cases, we can customize a mascot concept for a client without starting from scratch. No need to create a drawing, new sculpture or construct a new mold.

The payoff for our clients is just that, a tremendous savings in cost! Consequently, we create many affordable custom mascots for "Mom and Pop" family businesses with limited budgets such as restaurants, bakeries, elementary schools, ice cream shops and food carts.

We can also exchange facial features on a mascot where our customers can play "Mr. Potato Head" - selecting a characteristic mouth, nose, eyes and/or cheeks. It can be transformed into a female with "Diva" features, made cute and cartoon-like or altered to display a fierce demeanor.

For a final personal touch at nominal cost, we can add a specific logo or graphic lettering to your mascot. Hand-cut individual letters or a very specific logo printed on fabric can be applied, showing off your registered brand!

For corporate clients with multiple locations we have the capability to produce in quantity and will reward you with volume discounts. Dealer pricing is also available for costume stores or vendors that wish to resell our products.

Retail Packaging for Store Displays

Retail packaging for store displays can also be created. For large box stores or corporate companies with multiple locations, we can design imaginative packaging. Orderly stockpiles of bright festive boxes can motivate holiday shoppers! Inventory can also be easily stored, easily accounted for and is ship ready. Please inquire for details.