Mascot Costume Sculpture Art Prepping a Sculpture Completed Foot Mold Molded Costume Pieces Assembled Costume Body completes
Our Process

Our artists first form a raw sculpture out of Molding Clay or carved Styrofoam

It is then cut into sections conducive for mold making. The sculpture sections are then sealed and waxed where it is prepped to make the mold sectors. Air-tight cubes are erected around mold sectors for packing of synthetic resin. Original artworks are removed where we then do the fine detail work of making the sector conform to our convective thermal forming process.

Once the mold is complete, parts can then be formed and assembled where the necessary screened eyes, mouths and secure chin straps are added. Using different size and shape patterns, our skilled seamstresses create an assortment of sewn bodies such as Standard Jumpsuit, Pear-shaped or Plump with Hoop Stuffer.